Viv Bowdler | Creative | Graphic Design

about me



I'm Viv. I’m an award winning creative currently developing and launching ideas at Twitter. 



Viv: Three little letters. A palindrome (up there with pop and racecar), derived from the Greek 'Vivus' aptly meaning alive.

*The three things that make Viv glad to be alive are (in no particular order - as Sergio Agüero* would always be first) : Design, Agüero* and Toy Story. From the age of two Viv knew she wanted to create all sorts of things, but she was two so she had to wait until she could explain this to others.

Her creative journey has taken her from Manchester across to Leeds, & down to London. She's worked in creative & media agencies, and as a freelancer prior to arriving at Twitter. She’s currently developing and launching ideas at Twitter (and when she’s not there she’s probably watching Manchester City). She has an encyclopedic (think more Wikipedia than Encarta) knowledge of fonts and has the ability to solve the most nonsensical briefs with the simplest and purest solutions, whilst creating and visualising her ideas.

She has had the opportunity to talk about advertising and creativity to some of the most talented creative folk at the D&AD Festival and Glug events in London and is a judge on this year's D&AD New Blood Awards panel.

Her work has won various industry awards, has been featured in Creative Review magazine and Creative Digest, and has been shortlisted for a number of Cannes Lions.

If you ever get the chance to meet her I’d recommend that you take that opportunity. Trust me - you won’t regret it.

*Viv did not write this herself - she has strong feelings about people who refer or write about themselves in the third person

**  Who on earth is Sergio Agüero?