Viv: [ v-i-v ]

Three little letters. A palindrome (up there with pop and racecar), derived from the Greek 'Vivus' aptly meaning alive.

The three things that make me glad to be alive are (in no particular order - as Sergio Agüero* would always be first) : Advertising, Agüero* and Toy Story 1.  From the age of two I knew I wanted to create all sorts of things, but I was two so had to wait until I could explain this to others.

My creative journey has taken me from creative & media agencies prior to arriving at Twitter, where I spend my days making ads on the UK Marketing team. I have over a decade of experience solving the most puzzling briefs with the simplest and purest solutions.

I have been lucky enough to of hosted talks to some of the most talented creative folk at the D&AD Festival and Glug events in London and I’m a judge on D&AD New Blood Awards panel.

My work has won various industry awards, has been featured in Creative Review magazine and Creative Digest, and has been shortlisted for a number of Cannes Lions.


*Who on earth is Sergio Agüero?