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The idea playground


the idea playground

In my role I spend time developing concepts and ideas for brands. Sometimes these ideas are executed, other times they’re/i’m not so lucky. To keep track i’m placing those concepts here - in their new home - for ideas that got lost along the way.

adidas #NeoRunway

For the new Neo collection adidas let fans to determine what went into the campaign by asking users to vote on all aspects of the new Neo ads.



the idea

With a huge teen following on Twitter what if #NeoRunway could extend this idea using a Tweet triggered camera (TweetCam)? By combining 'TweetCam' and #NeoRunway, adidas can create the world’s first live, public photoshoot directed by Neo fans across the globe. 

By featuring images captured by users around the world (and crediting each photographer) in their upcoming ad campaign, across print & digital out of home #NeoTweetCam lets fans truly own the ads and gives adidas fans a new level of fame.



Lynx & The Gentleman's Trade

The Lynx brand is ‘growing up’ to become a sophisticated male grooming brand. 



the idea

Lynx invite male users to do the same on Twitter by exchanging their less than gentlemanly Tweets for the new sophisticated Lynx spray - which they will receive through the post - in a gentleman's trade.



Magnum #BreakTheExcuses

Research shows that 71% of people admit to making up an excuse to get out of a night out.*



the idea

Powered by Twitter data, we will break the stigma of staying in by collecting the excuses women tell to avoid going out. In phase two we’ll encourage 'Pleasure Seekers' to proudly declare their nights in with a Magnum tub. Each unapologetic tweet will destroy an excuse until there are no excuses left.



    All of the images above are concept only
   * Source: HuffPost