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In 2007, @ChrisMessina Tweeted:  "how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?" and with that the pound sign was changed forever. 

Over the past 12 years, the hashtag has evolved from a way to categorise Tweets, to become part of our everyday language - as well as being a brilliant example of how Tweeters help to define and evolve Twitter everyday. 

Working with our most passionate Tweeters we created a series of short hashtag idents that captures the spirit of each of the individual conversations on Twitter and celebrates the hashtag. 

The current series ranges from wide reaching general conversations (Space & Joke) to much more niche topics like Grime and #ScottishTwitter. 

Collectively the hashtags have featured on TV, in cinema, on Twitter & instagram, wetransfer and in The National Geographic Apollo's 50th anniversary edition.


Every element of the hashtag is inspired by a Tweet, a Twitter account or a uniting moments on Twitter.  Look out for the dog and 14/10 collar - a homage to the @WeRateDogs Twitter account and a falling cheesecake referencing this Tweet thread in the #JokeTwitter ident.

The Duke of Wellington statue, Scotland's other national drink Irn Bru and our homage to Scottish Dialect in the #ScottishTwitter ident.

And finally, Grime Twitter. Taking references from the history of Grime conversation on Twitter and the genres origins.

Playing with fly poster formats for Grime


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