Client: The North Face

The Brief:
Bring The North Face brand to life for the audience on Facebook.

The Strategy:
The North Face appeals to explorers and adventures - those who love to discover new places and share their journey with their friends online.
In 2010 Facebook launched 'Places' - a feature that let people check in to locations on the app. A Facebook product encouraging exploration aligned perfectly with The North Face brand so we began thinking of ways to benefit from this product launch. 

The idea:
Facebook Places Gamified. 
Inspired by the classic shopping loyalty cards we reinvented the idea of rewarding shoppers by making it virtual. How to play was easy - we challenged fans to climb a virtual mountain by checking in to the Places app on Facebook whenever they were inside a North Face store.  Everytime a virtual mountaineer checked into a shop they earned points to climb the mountain one step further. In addition players were asked to create their own "Basecamp", and get their friends to check in.

Each friend check-in would earn more points. Thousands of virtual mountineers played the game and the first one to reach the top of the summit won a truck load of The North Face gear.