Creative Development & Strategy
Brand: Online

There’s always a risk that people forget how funny the chat is on Twitter. Our aim was to remind people that Twitter is home to the funniest football accounts on the internet. Accounts like Steve Bruce at weddings - an account dedicated to Photoshopping Steve Bruce into other people's wedding photos. The sheer randomness of it appealed to thousands of Twitter fans and the meme exploded like a confetti canon - cementing @bruceatwedding as a classic Twitter football account. So to celebrate the start of wedding season – and the ingenuity of the Twitter community – We asked Steve Bruce to give his blessing to an online shop showcasing a range of entirely non-essential Steve Bruce-themed wedding accessories. Bruce said “I do.” And the rest is history.  

Bruce Up Your became football fan’s go-to destination for wedding essentials.  People loved it and the sports media did too, with coverage across The Guardian Weekly Football Podcast, Sporf, TalkSport : Hawksbee and Jacobs', Mirror Football and on Radio 1 with Chris Stark.

The Midnight Club - Web build.
Gerry Ferrell INK.