Women In Football
Creative Development & Strategy
Film, Cinema

Twitter's football audience is absolutely huge. In fact, football is the most talked about topic on the platform - driving the majority of Twitter's conversation in the UK. With the continued rise of women's football we knew that the chat about the Women's World Cup was about to explode, so we got ahead of the game. To do so we brought in the documentary duo 2doors, and with the help of some very important Tweeters, we created a short content series about some of the most influential female voices making moves in the football world. 

Our documentaries got the sports press talking. They were covered on Talksport, in The Guardian, on BBC's Match of the Day: Can you kick it? Even Billie Jean King gave them a retweet. We increased brand sentiment for Twitter, drove search terms for Women in Football up by 300%, increased our VITs followers by an average of 40% and put Twitter at the heart of the football conversation in the run up to the most anticipated tournament of the summer.

British Arrows - Campaign of the year 2019 commendation. Media Week - Best use of content, under 250k Shortlist.

Production: Fat Lemon / 2Doors